Drive-In Meet and Greet: Cars 3

Hosted by Eyeballerz

Sunday, June 18 at 4 PM11 PM CDT

Eyeballerz is goin’ to the Movies! We would like you to come see Cars 3 with us and bring your ride too! Grab your concession stand goodies and see some awesome cars and trucks along the way!!


Early entrance to the location will be available for show cars through the exit lane (a sign/banner will posted to direct you) from 4-6 pm for meet and greet participants.

Participants arriving during this time will have access to a designated parking area in front of screen 1.

*Once the ticket booths open to the general public, participants will be required to go through the regular ticket line and will have to find their own parking spot.

*Drive-In ticket prices still apply (per individual) even during the early entrance time period. *CASH ONLY*