The Rules

Holiday Drive-In now takes debit or credit cards at the ticket booth and the concession stand.

fire-extinguisher-thmYou are welcome to bring your own coolers packed with your favorite snacks and soda pop, but you cannot bring a grill or cookout of any kind. This is a fire code violation. Our concession stand is ready and waiting to serve up hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn dogs hot and fresh. We’ve also got ice cold soda, candy, and ice cream waiting in the freezer. And popcorn. There’s nothing like movie theater popcorn!

pitch-inWe provide red and green barrels for trash near the concession stands and projection booths. Please help keep the grounds neat and tidy by placing your trash in them. If you brought your own trash bag, leave it near one of the parking poles and we’ll collect it all after the shows. You can always ask for a trash bag at the concession stand; we’re happy to provide them. Thank you!

double parking

10-mphThe parking poles are spaced so that two vehicles will fit between each pole. Please be considerate of the other patrons and leave enough room for someone to park next to you. Everyone has a favorite parking spot, and there’s plenty of room to be comfortable. Be mindful of other patrons and especially children when moving about the drive-in. Turn on just your parking lights when moving your vehicle and never drive more than 10mph.

You come to the drive-in movies to have a good time. We’re in favor of that! The drive-in is a family venue with lots of space to enjoy some summer fun in the great outdoors. You’re welcome to bring your pet, but please pick up after them and remain with them at all times. glowing-cigaretteIndiana state law forbids pets and smoking within 8 feet of the concession stands. The fire code prohibits the use of any kind of fireworks or open flame.

Holiday Drive-In wants to bring you the very best movies and keep the summer fun open to the whole family. That means everyone needs to play by the rules, be respectful of others, and share a good time. Holiday Drive-In reserves the right to approach patrons who are in violation of the rules and ask them to correct their behavior. Patrons who violate these policies may be asked to leave without a refund. If you are caught sneaking in, you’ll be charged for two tickets!

Summer Fun Under the Stars