Concession Stands

snack bar cartoonOur two concession stands open their doors as soon as we lift the gates. The main building between screens 1 and 2 opens first and stays open the longest. The second building behind screen 2 services the back half of the drive-in for your convenience. Popcorn is a priority, and we’ve got popcorn popping hot and fresh as soon as the first customer pulls in. The hot dogs and hamburgers come straight off the griddle for your enjoyment, and don’t walk away without a frosty soda pop over ice!

We proudly serve Pepsi fountain products alongside traditional favorites such as hamburgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, french fries, onion rings, and nachos. Add a fat dill pickle for some extra crunch or dig into a super soft pretzel with salt. Feed your sweet tooth with your choice of chocolate and candy bars, or treat yourself with a frozen ice cream bar. Cool off on those hot nights with a sno-cone. Warm up when the late night gets nippy with a steaming coffee or hot cocoa. The perfect snack makes for a perfect movie; we’ve got your favorites!

screen 1 concessions
Concession stand located between screens 1 and 2.
screen 3 concessions
Concession stand located at screens 3 and 4, behind screen 2.

snack bar foodOur twin concession stands both serve your favorite hot foods and ice cold soda pop. Stop in and treat yourself to an ice cream bar. Don’t forget the hot buttered popcorn!

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